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What is the function of video card

The video card is an electronic device that regulates and determines how the images and text are displayed on the monitor of the computer. They are the ones that send signal to our monitor, television or projector. The quality of the video card in a computer influences especially when it comes to playing, editing video or 3D.

video card

The video card is responsible for translating the information that is processed on the computer and displayed in a way that can be understood by the common user, this device is also known as video driver, video adapter, video accelerator or accelerator Graphics, there are now many brands and models of video cards and the vast majority are intended for users who require a lot of graphics to work, for example graphic designers or video players.

The electronic components that make up a video card are:

output video card

VGA or standard port : This is the connector where the computer cable that sends the output signal to the monitor is installed.

DVI port : (Digital Video Interface) is an output connector for flat digital monitors.

HDMI Port : (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is an output connector whose high quality multimedia interface can be used to connect any device that supports this digital audio and video technology.

TV Port : Some of the video cards in the market have this component so that you can watch TV, but you need a chip that converts the digital audio signal into analog compatible TV to be able to achieve it.

Memory : Video cards have their own memory in which information is stored for later display, the more memory a video card has, the more data can be processed and the better the quality displayed on the monitor. Cards use SDRAM type memory, not to be confused with RAM , (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) or DDR SDRAM (Double Data Rate), you can now find video cards of 512mb, 1Gb and even more memory, motherboards that already They bring built-in video card usually have 64mb to 128mb memory.

Video chip. This is practically the CPU of the video card and is known as GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and is responsible for generating the calculations needed to display an image which saves time and energy to the computer’s microprocessor.


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