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Do you know what is Selfies?

He may not have heard it, though he may have. Write selfie to your techno dictionary. This new English term describes a practice that grows in the heat of social networks and new technologies.The selfies are self – portraits , especially those made with smartphones , that are shared through social media.

The word has been chosen as “word of the year 2013” by Oxford English-language dictionaries. According to Judy Pearsall, editorial director of Oxford Dictionaries, the term first appeared in an Australian forum in 2002. Its election is due to the rapid adoption of this term, whose use among English-speakers has grown by 17,000% in the last year.

Los selfies are especially popular among teenagers . According to a survey by HTC in the UK, 75% of young people have made one of these autofotos, a percentage that drops to 51% in the case of adults. Its appeal lies in how simple it is, thanks to smartphones , create and share selfish social networks. Facebook is the preferred site for self- sharing (48%). Other services such as WhatsApp (13%), Twitter (9%) or Instagram (8%) are also used.

On the Internet there are even tutorials on how to get the best selfies done . The technology also allows you to retouch these self-portraits before sharing them on social networks. Users take a selfie and, before uploading, go through the photoshop thanks to the applications of editing smartphones .

According to HTC, 14% of consumers choose to tweak their image. The five most retouched things are skin tone (39%), eye gloss (24%), eye size (13%), figure (11%) and lips . Another curiosity: men seem by far more concerned with their image; Of those who retouch their photos regularly, 34% confess that it does with each photo, compared to 13% in the case of women.

The selfs are also becoming popular by celebrities who have signed up for this fashion. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Shakira and Piqué, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé often use self-portraits to share in social networks moments of their life.

The term selfie is thus added to the dictionary of terms that arise to describe new behaviors that are born to the heat of social networks. A dictionary where you also earn points what is known as phubbing (a term formed from the English words phone and snubbing ), which consists of belittling who accompanies us by paying more attention to the mobile than the person.

Note: Many people are dieing due to taking selfies at dangerous place

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