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What is DC (Direct Current)? Definition and Explain of DC

Definition of DC (Direct Current)

DC is the abbreviation of Direct current (DC) is the uni-direction flow of electric charge or flow of electrons.Direct Current do’not make full wave length they make half wave length it means DC do’not show negative current they made ON/OFF wave length.In flowing fig shows that Dc current always flow in one direction that dc current flow from positive to negative in close circuit.Witch is show in flowing figure.

DC Current

Sources of Direct current:dc_anim_dc

Direct current is produced by sources such as


  • Batteries  (Like Car batteries e.t.c )
  • Solar cells
  • Power supplies ( Like Mobile Chargers )
  • Thermocouples
  • DC Dynamos  _  or many more

Types of Direct Current

There are Three Types of Direct Current

  1. Batteries Current
  2. Half wave Current
  3. Full Wave Current


As named rectification that means change.The conversion of alternating current to direct current.A component used to do this that component called Diode.Twenty years later, former discoverer worker John Doctor of the Church Fleming complete that the result may well be used as a detector for radio signals. Fleming proprietary the particle diode, the primary sensible thermionic tube device, in Britain in 1904.more that if we use one diode then it made rectification and if we use four diode then it made full wave rectification as shown in below image.


History Of Direct Current(DC)

In 1880s, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were tangle in a battle now its known as the War of the Currents.During the early years of electricity, Direct current (DC) was the standard in the U.S.But there was one problem that Direct current (DC) is not easily converted from higher or lower dc voltages.


DC current measurement

some time asked that how to measure DC current in a battery or cell then my answer is that first you have a Volt meter that device that measure current in a circuit is called Multimeter following video that show how to measure DC voltage.

Above Video shows you how to measure DC current/voltage with a multimeter thats so easy to measur voltage in a cell or circuir.

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