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What is CGNAT and why is it used?

CGNAT stands for Carrier-grade NAT, a technique used to extend the life of IP addresses. Do you know why this practice is performed? We explain what CGNAT is and if it affects your internet connection . Keep reading!



The Internet connects millions of computers daily, but the number of addresses available for each connected computer is limited. Therefore, the protocol currently used (IPv4) is insufficient to cover the current demand for Internet access services.

To solve this problem IPv6 arose , but the migration to this protocol represents a great challenge for the operators, since the internet network is not prepared to support it. For example, one of the disadvantages of this method (IPv6) is that you could not navigate in a large percentage of webs, since they are not prepared to support this new technology.

In order to do away with the drawbacks created by global depletion of IPv4, large-scale NAT or CG-NAT has been designed, a solution that would allow connecting multiple computers to the Internet using only one IP address. This tool allows the networks to be configured with private network addresses and translated into public addresses through translation equipment that is interposed between the user and the internet.

Thanks to the CG-NAT companies with dozens of computers could connect to the Internet using very few IP addresses.



It would be very easy to continue using Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). But the growing use of the internet makes it impossible to continue using this method because there are not enough IP addresses for all the computers in the world .

This global limitation has led many telecommunications companies to adopt measures to help them face the future by establishing CGNAT technology to improve the experience and security of Internet users.

Although Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is an alternative to CGNAT, the reality is that currently very few webs allow browsing under this protocol, as mentioned above.



As a customer, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your user experience will not be affected by the use of GNAT technology in any aspect . It is a solution according to the current legislation, in fact, this tool has been operating in some operators for many years. All internet connections from mobile devices are done through CGNAT.

Are you a gamer and want to know if CGNAT affects you? You can rest easy, All games work with CGNAT. In fact, the new versions of games are specially designed to support it.

If you are thinking about the consequences that the application of CGNAT can have on home automation, it does not pose any problem either, since at present all home automation solutions do not imply direct access to domotic equipment through public IP, but access is It does through the servers provided by the manufacturers. Today systems are not used that directly access the device in question because of the serious security problems detected especially in IP cameras (terminal hijacking).



The GNAT solution does not allow opening ports in order to increase the security of users. For this reason, this protocol improves security against attacks that can be received by users.

Some people wonder: if any user with whom I share IP performs an illegal activity, will the police or other agency come and do an investigation? The answer is no. The operators are responsible for approving with the relevant government agencies so that in these cases the person who performed the illegal action can be quickly located through the Internet.

Security cameras are also a very important issue in IP. The provision of public IP to convergence clients allows them to perform what is commonly called ‘port opening’. By performing this configuration, anyone could access your cameras. In fact, some pages are known as insecam prick IP cameras from anywhere on the planet that have security flaws and can be easily attacked.

The advantage of CGNAT is that it prevents any malicious user from accessing the devicesthat the client has behind their router because it does not allow any user to initiate a connection with a computer behind that user’s router.

Therefore, CGNAT not only helps increase customer safety and eliminates the possibility of a cyber attack, it is also the best option to navigate efficiently and without worries.

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