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WHAT IS BLUETOOTH 5? and how its work?

Technology is making strides to make our life easier, a clear example of this is the Bluetooth, which has been continuously evolving to reach its Bluetooth version 5 will replace its predecessor, the 4.2 in the coming months. Today we tell all the details of the new Bluetooth 5.


Although its official announcement was made on 16 June, the time will have to wait for the devices go on sale in late 2016 and early 2017 to integrate it to enjoy the benefits of this new type of connectivity. The Bluetooth 5 increase its speed considerably and the ability to transfer data up to 800% over its predecessor.
It is true that currently we usually no longer use the Bluetooth connection to transfer data, but we have found a new and important use: serves to connect devices such as the popular Bluetooth speakers that reproduce, for example, the music you have stored on your smartphone without connecting via cable. Specifically, these gadgets are in luck with the emergence of Bluetooth in May as this has greater coverage and scope than 4.2, which means that the speakers will continue to receive the music signal over a greater distance, and with better sound quality making it currently.

bluetooth 5.0

But not only the speakers will benefit, wearables like smartwatches, smart bracelets and other gadgets will increase their potential thanks to the characteristics of Bluetooth 5. According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) this new Bluetooth standard thanks to its speed and greater range will revolutionize the Internet of things and, for specific situations, might even unseat WiFi himself.

There is already talk of increased coverage and speed Bluetooth 5.0 but how much greater are these aspects exactly? This type of connectivity will have up to four times the range and may have coverage of up to 200 meters radius and double the data transmission rate from the current Bluetooth can reach up to 100 Mbps.
As noted, the arrival of new Bluetooth version 5.0 will be crucial for the development of the Internet of Things.Since much of the equipment that are part of this technology, need to be connected via Bluetooth, as well, with 5.0 may be connect up to eight times more devices without being resentful or restrict its operation


Clearly we headed to a hyper-future, where the cables will be relegated to the background and largely be thanks to IoT. But in addition to the development of Internet of things, the new Bluetooth 5.0 promises to serve as a boost to technologies like iBeacon that so far have not been very successful among users.
Everything seems to indicate that most interesting devices that will draw most out of Bluetooth 5 shall be presented in the main technological conferences to be held in early 2017 at the CES in January and the Mobile World Congress in February. Currently worldwide they are counted around 8,000 million devices with Bluetooth connectivity and by some estimates it appears that in 2020 one third of electronic devices will have this feature.
Therefore, the techies are waiting forward to the arrival of Bluetooth 5.0 much faster, and more powerful than its previous version, certainly a revolution although there are still some unknowns about what will be its effect on the batteries devices such as smartphones and smartwatches, since the current version allowed very little consumption of energy and version5.0 this case remains to be seen.
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