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USB cable wiring or Inside cabling

What’s inside the USB cables

Sometimes we get curious about how things work, because here, quickly and bluntly I explain how it is that a USB cable works and what is inside.

Well, to know the function of a USB cable, it is not necessary to be an expert, because it is a cable that serves to communicate to the PC with some peripherals, such as the printer, scanner, flash memory, etc.

USB data cable

Now let’s look at something that is not easy to figure out with the naked eye, and it’s what’s inside. A USB cable is composed of four much thinner cables, which can be distinguished by their colors, it is a standard, they work in pairs, for example the red color and the black color are the ones that carry energy, and the White with green are the ones that carry the data, actually both carry energy, the difference is in the first two carry a continuous energy of 5v and the other can vary in small and variable quantities.
This information can be valuable if one day we have before us the terea of assembling our PC, since for example to connect the frontal panel of USB ports we have to connect those 4 cables to the plate and we can not be mistaken because we could spoil our USB devices.

Out lune tage USB

 Outline with the different USB tabs

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