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Tricks to make orignal Photos with mobile and some ideas

It is true that the higher the quality of the camera of your smartphone, the better the photographs, but not everything depends on this factor. It is also important how you use the camera, today we are going to teach you some tricks to make original photos with the mobile and some ideas:


This trick is only for brave !, although we guarantee that your smartphone will not suffer any damage. To gain more sharpness in the images you can drop a straw with a single drop of water on the target of your mobile and then you have to do the photo The result will be very professional!

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If you want to go out several times in the same panoramic photo you just have to activate this mode of the camera and go scrolling while the person in charge of making the photograph takes the image.


It is important that when you are ready to take a picture you are clear what you want to appear and frame it well because otherwise in the picture can be a lot of empty space or vice versa.



If you want to capture the photo of an object, do not just do the typical still life. Focus on the details, choose a part that is especially beautiful or attract attention and do not hesitate to make a close-up, you will get a new vision of that object.


You can decide if you want your photo to be overexposed or just the opposite. What will affect this decision? In brightness and colors. If you want to adjust the exposure of a photo you must modify the EV values, with Android and Windows Phone you can do it directly from your camera, on iPhone you will have to download an app like KitCamera. If you set the values above zero, your picture will be overexposed and therefore the light will be higher.

And once you have made the most original photographs, you will have to share them on Facebook, you can do it directly from your smartphone.

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