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How to make better Photos with Mobile Camera

A phrase widely used as far as photography is concerned says that “the best camera is the one you always carry on”. And now that title corresponds to the camera of the mobile . It will not be the best camera in the world but it is always at hand, in the bag or in the pocket.

While the quality of these cameras, with the exception of honorable exceptions, leaves a lot to be desired, it can be useful on more than one occasion. And even be the only option. And with some skill you can achieve a decent memory capture … at least considering that it is the camera of the mobile.

  1. Clean the lens before use. An essential step since it is normally in contact with the fingers, hand or pocket. Just take your breath and rub it with soft tissue.
  2. Uses third-party applications. Although mobile phone applications are becoming more sophisticated, there are often optional applications with features, editing options, and filters that contribute to improved results.
  3. Take advantage of all the light. In low light situations the cameras of the mobiles show their limitations. Whenever possible, take advantage of all the light available: capture during the day or dispose and get as close as possible to points of light, turning on lights and moving the subject if necessary.
  4. Do not use the zoom, the optical or the digital. They reduce the light input (the first) and cause even more blurred images and lower quality. You can always crop the image on the computer, with better results.
  5. Use a foothold. If you can lean against a wall you will reduce the movements of the camera. Keep it as close to the body as possible – without extending your arms – and hold your breath when you take the picture.
  6. Use the timer. If the camera has this function (by default or by an optional application), activate the timer so that the camera fires after two or five seconds. That way you can concentrate on keeping the camera firm or you can leave it on some surface, without touching it. This will minimize the movements of the camera and you will get less blurry images.
  7. Uses a tripod and lenses for mobile. There are different options for placing the mobile on a tripod (such as the GorillaMobile), which greatly increases the sharpness of the images. Even lenses of various types: fisheye, macro lenses and telephoto lenses.
  8. If the subject is more than two or three meters away, the flash is turned off. At that distance is no longer effective and instead will force the camera to be configured to the situation of low light. In this case it is important to apply the three previous points.
  9. And if you’re going to use the flash, get as close to the subject as you can , but keeping in mind that too much flash and lens distortion can ruin your photo.
  10. Choose the highest possible image quality. With these cameras all is little, so use the maximum. In addition you will have more margin to edit then the image if it is necessary (in the computer or in the own telephone), another formula to improve the result.
  11. Attentive to the white balance. If the camera application considers the option to set the white balance (it will be marked with the [W / B] symbol), set it to the type of light: sun, cloudy, fluorescent lamps … The exposure will improve noticeably.
  12. Do not take pictures, capture moments. Applications like Instagram make up the lack of image quality of these cameras using retro-looking filters.
  13. It deals with aspects such as themes and composition that, in many cases, determine the “quality” of a photograph over issues such as sharpness or resolution.
  14. Take lots of pictures and enjoy. Before you know it you will be making much better pictures than before.

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