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Some tips to make better photos with Mobile

It is often said and true, the best camera is the one you carry when you need to take a picture, and increasingly this is the camera of the mobile phone .

So although they have improved a lot, so much that they are eating the market of compact cameras, here are more tips to try to get the best results or the best pictures with the camera of the mobile , although some apply according to the type of camera you use .

1. Know your phone and what functions the buttons have , if at all, when using the camera.

2. Know your photography applications , because as you have to put to mess with them when you really want to take a picture, most of the time you will lose the photo. These two points are the digital equivalents to know how to handle the controls of a lifelong camera.

3. Watch out for exposure if you can. The sensors of the cameras of the mobiles are much smaller than those of the cameras-cameras, so the more light when making the photo, the better.

4. Digital or not, of a mobile or not, the composition remains fundamental . Watch out for horizons or verticals that fall, use lines to direct attention, make sure your daughter does not leave a light pole in the head, etc. Of course you can always forget all the rules, although usually for that you have to know a lot of photography and most do not strain us.

5. Use something to frame , which will help you since the objectives of the cameras of the mobiles are usually of a short focal length and tend to have a very wide field of view. A window, a frame, or a door frame serve to focus attention and make better use of space.

6. Another option is to make the photo as you can and crop it after using the digital zoom, something that given that mobile phones each time have more megapixel cameras is not as preposterous as before.

7. If you get a lot of the picture bug, get some accessories like a tripod adapter, some fisheye lens, macro or telephoto lens, etc.

8. But above all, make many, many photos. It’s the way to learn, and they’re basically free.

And, if you can, avoid taking pictures with the camera of your tablet. It should be banned.

Probably none of us will join the Magnum agency thanks to the photos we make with our mobiles, even though there are professional photographers who depending on what circumstances they use as the main camera, but that is an excuse not to try The best way possible.

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