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This is the podium of the most powerful supercomputers in the world

The project Top500, specialized in offering a ranking with the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world , has provided a new update regarding the classification of each of the members of the same. In it, you can see how China is still in the top twoand, likewise, how Europe has snatched the United States the third place.

The Top500 project with the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world

The Top500 is a project started in 1993 with the aim of publishing the 500 highest performing supercomputers in the world . Thus, a list updated every six months shows the evolution of each of the members of the select group and the effort of the countries and organizations involved behind them.


This year, the novelties revolve around the movement that has taken place at the top of the list. There, you can see how China still has the two most powerful computers that exist today, securing both the first and second place. While a Swiss supercomputer has overtaken the United States from third place.

Specifically, as the scientific portal MIT Technology Review details , the Sunway TaihuLight (The Light of the Taihu Divinity) is the most powerful computer that currently exists . It is located in China’s National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China; And is almost three times faster than the second classified.

This mastodon of computers is pure power, since it has an energy consumption of 15 MW and its purpose is to prospect for oil, life sciences, time, industrial design and research of drugs.

Also, the second place is occupied by the Tianhe-2 National Supercomputing Center in Guangzho , China. It was developed by the National University of Defense Technology of China (NUDT) and the Asian company Inspur, who have had to invest between 200 and 300 million dollars for its manufacture.


Finally, the third place has been in the hands of the superodenator Piz Daint, belonging to the National Supercomputing Center of Switzerland . This incredible technological innovation has the name of the famous Alpine peak and has been able to increase in the list thanks to the update received by NVIDIA in terms of its graphics processing chips.

The United States falls to fourth place, but retains five places in the top ten

As we discussed, the climb of Piz Daint to the third place meant the fall in disgrace with respect to the ranking of the supercomputer Titan – pertaining to the Department of Energy of the United States and lodged in the National Laboratory Oak Ridge in Tennessee.

This valuable jewel of computational engineering involved the disbursement of about 60 million dollars in its manufacture and is in the process of being coupled with its colleague Summit developed by the American firm IBM . It is used for any scientific purpose, although its access depends on the importance of the project and its potential to exploit the hybrid architecture behind this giant.


Each and every one of them are created with the purpose of helping their countries and organizations involved in scientific research in various areas, such as drug discovery, material science and climate modeling . Also, they are a reason of pride for the parties involved and a challenge for their opponents.

Surely, we will never have access to any of them, but it is important to highlight how technology and firms in the sector are also part of this type of projects . And, although we do not perceive it in the day to day, its contribution is as fundamental as the computers of desktop or laptops that we know.

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