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The world’s most powerful supercomputer

The world’s most powerful supercomputer is already 100% Chinese


China no longer needs foreign technology to climb to the top of the supercomputing podium. The fastest computer to date, the Tianhe-2, has just been surpassed by a new machine at the national supercomputing center in the Wuxi region, the Sunway TaihuLight. The interesting thing about this computer is not only its enormous calculation power, which almost triples to that of Tianhe-2 but the fact that both its processors and its architecture are 100% national.

The previous machine, still active in the supercomputing center of the Guangzhou region and now the second most powerful computer in the world, used Intel brand chips to achieve high performance. The United States banned the sale of supercomputer chips to China in April 2015 for security reasons but the ban, in the end, has only served to stimulate the development of this local alternative.

How fast is the new Chinese supercomputer? Leave far behind the rest of the machines on the planet. Sunway TaihuLight has 41,000 260-core processors, 1.3 Petabytes of RAM and is capable of performing 93,000 billion – with b! – floating-point operations per second (93 PetaFLOPS). It is also much more energy-efficient than other top500 machines, the biannual publication of the most powerful machines in the world.

China not only now has the two most powerful supercomputers but has also become the country with more machines on the list. Of the 500 largest supercomputers in the world, 167 are yours. The US, until now the undisputed leader, must be confirmed in this edition with 165 computers.

The most powerful supercomputer in Spain, the MareNostrum National Supercomputing Center in Barcelona, ranked 105 °  of the latest edition of the list.

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