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The Best Mice for Gamers Types of Mouse for PC

There are countless variables when choosing the mouse that best suits our daily use, such as whether we use it for office tasks, whether it is wireless or if we use it to play video games. Today we will focus on the players of the house and bring you the best mice for gamers .

We want to point out that this is not any type of ranking and that there are different mice to play video games. We have them from a few euros to over a hundred; Oriented to a grasp with the palm of the hand and destined to the subjection with the fingers; And with optical or laser sensor. There is not one mouse better than another, but each one will choose the one that best suits their needs.




The Logitech brand has many mice that we could include in this list, but we have opted for the good aesthetics of this model . No matter your gaming style, it’s easy to adjust to suit your tastes: set up custom profiles for each game , adjust sensitivity from 200 to 12,000 DPI (points per inch) or tune and balance the five adaptable 3.6 grams To enjoy the perfect feeling and balance.



It is a mouse with good ergonomics and a design maybe oriented to big hands. It has some improvements over the previous model to be wireless – also more expensive – and has a range of between 200 and 8200 DPIs. The Logitech software is very intuitive and you can customize 11 of its 13 buttons easily.



It is a model of up to 10,000 lightweight DPIs, ergonomic and suitable for everyone, both left-handed and right-handed (although their orientation towards the right makes them more suitable for the latter). The software of the company Razer is subtle and offers many possibilities , such as being able to import the configuration of another device of the DeathAdder family or change the lighting with all the combinations that occur to us with the 16.8 million colors that incorporate.


This version counts 16,000 DPIs and with the wireless technology for those who do not want to have problems of entanglements with the cables. It offers something that not all the manufacturers have incorporated that is the wheel 4G , that is to say, besides doing scroll up and down allows us to do it horizontally. It will fit with you if you are the one that supports the whole palm of the hand on the mouse or if you have a “claw-type” grip. The drawback is that it is the most expensive available, although the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition , which incorporates USB cabling, can be found almost in the middle.



Mad Catz models always generate controversy over their design: either you love them or hate them. But there is no doubt about its quality that always makes them among the best in the market. They offer us infinite possibilities so that we can adapt it to our hand depending on whether it is bigger or smaller. It has a laser sensor, 5,600 DPIs, 6 programmable buttons and a custom weight system . Undoubtedly, that is the word that best defines it: personalization .




The SteelSeries version has 8 configurable buttons and a maximum of 5,700 DPIs. You have a wireless and wired version so you can choose one or the other . The finish is simple and colorful, which will make you enchanted by both its precision and its effects.



It is a durable mouse from one of the big brands that has a sensor up to 3,200 DPIs and an attractive design that adapts to the needs of the user with a V shape that makes it ideal for both right-handed and left-handed.



This gaming mouse offers us 16,400 DPIs , laser sensor and 19 customizable buttons that make it perfect for MMO games – game that brings together many players at a time. Yes, 19. You can choose the configuration you want depending on the moment, since it allows you to configure up to 5 user profiles, with 6 different colors, braided cable and gold plated connector.



Although not as well known as other brands, Sharkoon did a good job with its Drakonia and its 5,000 DPI laser sensor, 11 programmable buttons , gold plated USB connector, 4-way scroll wheel like the Razer Mamba and internal memory to modify The profiles that best suit the user. Its design and features have made it one of the best sellers representing tough competition against other higher priced models.



It is an off-road mouse designed for both office and gamers. Like the rest of our list, it is ergonomic, you can get up to 10,000 DPIs if you need it and has excellent quality and precision for shooters – shooting games. The only downside might be that their software is not up to par with others like Logitech.


Decidirte by one or the other will depend on you and your favorite games, the options are endless.

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