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The best Alternatives of E-Mail

There are tools that allow you to contact that person you want to talk to, especially at work, much faster, without having to resort to email. Productivity, agility, facilities … These are some of the advantages of the alternatives to email that we bring you today.



In a teamwork environment, Slack has become a fantastic option for all partners to be in contact without having to move from their site, pick up the phone or open the mail. This platform is a collective chat in which each member of the team has its own user, with a nick and profile photo customization. In Slack you have three options: the first is to use the general chat in which you can talk to all users at once, use the private ones to address a single member, or create a group similar to Whats-app in which Several people who are in the same project can communicate.


Slack is a dynamic tool with which you can ask quick questions and send attachments like words, pdfs, images and even GIFs. In addition, you’ll notice how emails are greatly reduced in your inbox . Download the desktop version of  Slack now !


Since some time ago the character limitation in Twitter private messages has been eliminated, this way of communicating has become a good option to replace emails between friends. The direct messages of Twitter are usually very practical since it is possible that you have all your acquaintances in this social network. The interface of the DMs in Twitter is very simple, opens a window where you will find a text box in which to write your message to which you can add emojis, photos, videos and even GIFs, you can even make groups with several contacts . You know, if sending emails is boring, try Twitter private messages!


If you are used to exchanging emails with colleagues with whom you are doing a project, “I send you the document to modify it” will be very familiar to you, just for this type of mail, the inbox can reach Saturate To avoid this, a great option is to have a shared folder in the storage service in the Google Drive cloud, in it you will have the documents in which you must work and you can modify them at the same time, so that the result will be the final and complete document . Without a doubt, a good option to work in direct and decrease the number of emails.



If we talk about Twitter messages before, we can not forget to mention Facebook Messenger, the most popular social messaging service that offers us many possibilities, such as creating group chats, sending attachments, images, and Edit aspects of the chat being able to silence it completely.

Of course, if you decide to use Facebook Messenger as an alternative to email , you should keep in mind that on the smartphone, in addition to the Facebook app, you will have to install independently the Facebook Messenger application in order to read your messages.



Google Hangouts is a complete Google service that will help you send messages to your contacts from your phone, tablet or computer, since you can synchronize your conversations on several devices. In addition, if you prefer, with Hangouts you can also make voice calls and video calls , all animated with different emoji and GIFs. Come and try Hangouts and experience the convenience of having conversations on more than one device!



And if you are looking to reduce your number of emails to read at work , in addition to Slack, you can try Evernote Work Chat ! A tool that will help you to contact all members of your team in real time wherever they are. Thanks to Work Chat you can send documents and comment them to advance your project quickly and easily.


Whatsapp Web can also be an interesting alternative to email . From your computer you can write to your contacts a message, as if it were a mail server, but through Whatsapp, exactly the same operation and using the same list of contacts you carry on your smartphone. You choose which tool you want to use to communicate.

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