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Sunway TaihuLight, the world’s fastest computer

In Wuxi, a province of Jiangsu, China, we can find the Sunway TaihuLight, the fastest computer currently in the world . The time will come with another faster, but for now, maintains the record according to the ranking that makes Top 500 , with the supercomputers of the world.

Jiangsu, a historic industrial city east of China, has one side the rest of the country and the other the Pacific Ocean. And here is where the most effective machine that human beings have ever built, lies at the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi .

Why is it the fastest?

According to the Top 500 ranking, the Sunway TaihuLight has an internal memory of approximately 1.3 million gigabytes . To get the idea and place us, the computers that are sold with Windows 7, a normal system and current in the market, has 450 GB.

But the dizzying data does not end here. It also has 10 million colors , although it is not the fundamental element to evaluate the speed and capacity of a computer according to Top 500.

The petaflops

Petaflops are quantity measurements for extremely gigantic data, somewhat like light years. One petaflops, equals one billion trillion calculations per second , according to its website . Well, the Sunway TaihuLight has a capacity of 93 petaflops , and can reach according to the own center where it has been created, 124.5. Figures too big for human understanding.

This super Chinese computer, created from a purely original basis and without using other computers as origin according to the center itself, occupies a whole room. This high performance computer is used for operations of spatial calculation, physical formulas and pure research, according to the Omicrono website .

It will be the fastest for a short time

Science and technology at these advanced levels have a very fast last hour and nothing lasts at the top too long. By 2018, Sunway TaihuLight is expected to drop first place in favor of new additions to the field of research . In fact, returning to the petaflops as a measure of capacity, computers that are formed in the next year will reach 200 per second. That is, two hundred billion trillion calculations per second.

This is the present of super computers, a computer league that has its own universe. Unattainable and impossible to understand for those who use our PCs to consult the Internet or make tables in Excel.

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