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Graphic design software for beginner

If you want to learn how to program, create web pages or start a digital business where you can sell your services as a designer or illustrator, you can do it in a self-taught way. But first you must use basic graphic design programs to learn the essential concepts.


If you are in contact with the world of design or work as creative, you will agree that it is necessary to keep abreast of all technological changes. Therefore, it is essential to learn about new editing and design programs to increase your vision and technique.


If you are starting out in this field, there are three things you have to keep in mind when working with graphic design programs .

  • Use more than one source . Select the ones that give personality and a design to your creations. Use a rule of three to choose your sources for titles, headings and text content, to get a look and feel. Try to be complementary with the meaning of the content you want to convey.
  • Include images in a way Images, graphs and diagrams help your audience to better visualize the meaning of the content. You have to make the choice of images favor lighting, style, framing, proportions and quality.
  • Selection of colors. Like the fonts, select the colors using a ruler of three. Choose one that works in primary color, another in secondary, and a last that gives a distinctive touch to the design.

Below, we give you a list of the best graphic design programs for beginners.


This program has free photography and online design software . It also has a desktop version, but the online option is quite complete to cover all your needs.

Sumopaint includes a large number of features, tools and features that place it as one of a complete alternatives. In addition, you can work with layers, magnetic lasso tools, magic wand, trimming tools, gradients and many more functions.


ZBrush is a program of digital painting and sculpture that has powerful functions and intuitive workflows with which you can make graphic designs. Its interface composed by advanced tools allows the design in two and three dimensions. With this program, you can create realistic representations with lighting , including atmospheric effects.


Adobe Illustrator is one of the graphic design programs par excellence. It contains all the vector design tools you may need. If you design frequently you will know that creating vectors is essential and that’s where Illustrator’s strength is .

You can create logos, icons, sketches typefaces or illustrations in print, web, interactive, video and mobile format.



This program was born to edit photos, but over time has become one of the tools most used by graphic designers. Adobe Photoshop has infinite utilities. In it you can: edit texts, create figures, retouch images and even design webs.


Blender incorporates an infinity of tools for graphic designers . This program free software lets you work with 3D objects. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems so you can easily use it with any operating system. In addition, it is available in installer and ZIP file. Among its outstanding functions are: creation of three-dimensional graphics, lighting, rendering, modeling and animation.

In addition, you have at your disposal on the official website lots of videos tutorials created by users of Blender with which you can learn all the controls and movements to work with the program.


This online program to create graphic designs has many free templates and has an intuitive and simple interface. Canva has a WordPress plugin that integrates the application with your blog. In addition, you can download the app for free on your iPad.

To become an expert in graphic design you must do your part: dedication and practice will help you achieve it. When you get to master the basic concepts you can learn more complex techniques.


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