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So you can activate the old states of WhatsApp

Using a ‘root’ can retrieve the old way of publishing states in WhatsApp

Whats app old service

WhatsApp has changed a few weeks ago and updated its way of interacting through states that now bear a strong resemblance to Snapchat and its ephemeral messages or Instagram and their stories.

But not all the users of this app were prepared to leave their old way of publishing states . WhatsApp has promised with a slight change in its beta version and there is a way to recover them using a ‘root’ in it.

First you have to download  WA Tweaks , it isv an application that was created by a famous ‘leaker’ of WhatsApp with which you can access hidden functions of the app. You are given all the permissions and used next to the beta version of the app.

There are two ways to do this. The first is from the WhatsApp menu , where you should look for “My About” and make the change request. The other form is from the profile photo, accessed and changed status.

As you can remember, you can also expect WhatsApp to make this change in its stable version. However, this will no longer be called states, but could be called “Tagline” to avoid future confusion

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