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Retouching Sharing and Retrieving Photos

It seems a lie, but a few years ago it was difficult and expensive to have a camera phone built-in – and let’s not talk about a decent camera. Today is the opposite: there is no smartphone that does not have it, and in addition to a quality that is increasingly closer to that of the compact professionals . If we also take into account the possibilities of editing, retouching and effects offered by some applications, it is no exaggeration to say that whoever owns a smartphone, has in his hands a portable photo studio .

Cymera is an application that precisely allows, among many other things, to make those fun compositions with pictures that had to be paid in the shops of photography: collages, decorations, artificial backgrounds, masks, drawings or posters superposed, multitude of filters … We can even simulate effects of makeup or hairdressing with quite achieved results. On the other hand, Cymera offers more than 20 filters with their respective controls of intensity and luminosity, seven types of lens, anti-vibration function, timer, self-portrait and in total more than 800 options and effects – all for free! Semi professional effects or just fun and surprising. Whoever does not know Cymera is losing, simply,

Once we are happy with our photo or want to share our collection of sunsets taken during the holidays, we can share them with Instagram . It has been called the Facebook of the photos, and although its detractors say that if we eliminate the photos of feet and food would stay in nothing, the truth is that it is so popular that it is a must. Instagram is a social network based on the exchange of photographs, which has much in common with Facebook and is intended to be used in mobile phones. Or what is the same: an exchange of cards of global scale . And recently, also videos. 130 million users may be wrong, but there are so many that stay out, it is certainly something to lose. Its range of filters,

But with so much retching frenzy and so eager to show the world our wonderful photos, we may have the misfortune to erase unintentionally that unrepeatable photo that we were about to share. Everyone has passed … And it is that everyone should know Wondershare Data Recovery . It is a very simple program to use and available for iOS and Android that … tag! It will make them reappear as if by magic those photos that we thought were lost by erasing them, either by mistake or by mistake. Wondershare is also able to rescue those messages, videos, audios and files that one day filled our memory card and one day they were lost like tears in the rain. There is a paid version and another free version that is sufficient to save us from an emergency and recover the erased. And attention: also works with computers and cameras.

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