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Resistor SMD code/Value

How to read or calculate smd resistor code

In this articular i discuss about SMD resistance witch is also called and stands for Surface Mounted Device.SMD is the component of electronic and used at Surface Mount Technology (SMT).SMT is a smaller Technology of electronic witch is devloped for making Technology smaller and faster, more efficient, powerful and cheaper then DIP.

Smd resistance codeSMDs are upcoming most popular Technology in these has many shapes square, oval and rectangular. smd donot have wires it direct connerted and solded on Pcb board on both side of PCBs .The PCBs are disiend for SMT for SMD.

The manufacture of PCBs victimization SMT is analogous to it for elements with leads. tiny pads of silver or gold plate or tin-lead square measure placed on the board for attaching the elements. Solder paste, a mix of flux and littleballs of solder, is then applied to the mounting pads by a machine the same as a pc printer. Once the PCB is ready, SMDs square measure placed on that employing a machine referred to as a pick-and-place machine. The elementssquare measure fed to the machine in long tubes, on rolls of tape or in trays. These machines will attach thousands ofelements per hour; one manufacturer advertises a rate as high as sixty,000cph. The board is then sent through a reflowfastening kitchen appliance. during this kitchen appliance, the board is slowly said to a temperature that maysoften the solder. Once cooled, the board is cleansed to get rid of solder flux residue and stray solder particles. a visible examination checks for missing or out-of-position elements which the board is clean .

Lets SMD Learn with a video

In this video we can learn that how to read SMD code and what is the value/power of a resistance.

Examples are given below

There are three or four digits witch gives numerical digits and also use alphabets use in SMDs resistance.First two or three are value numbers and last is multiplier.witch gives the resistance power or value.lets solve some examples witch gives below.

    ( 1 )  3 Digit code examples:

  • 120 = 12 × 100 (1) = 12Ω (NOT 120Ω!)
  • 371 = 37 × 101 (10) = 370Ω
  • 102 = 10 × 102 (100) = 1000Ω or 1kΩ
  • 2R2 = 2.2Ω

  ( 2 )  The 4 Digit code examples;

  • 3700 = 370 × 100 (1) = 370Ω (NOT 3700Ω!)
  • 1001 = 100 × 101 (10) = 1000Ω or 1kΩ
  • 1003 = 100 × 103 (100) = 100000Ω or 100kΩ
  • 20R0 = 20.0Ω

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