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Turn your Smartphone into instant Camera Picture

Have you noticed that we spent the day taking pictures and in the end, they are so many that we never looked at them? Apart from the advantages of mobile and digital cameras, which are many, it seems that you have lost the magic of having a photo and being able to have it, touch it, give it away … We have the solution!


We have been able to see how year after year Polaroid instant cameras have been appearing again to satisfy those who like to keep a memory in a physical format. But Prynt has given a twist to the matter by integrating the system directly into your smartphone. It is a kind of case that connects to your phone and instantly prints the photos you take with the camera on your mobile phone, and can even print photos that you have hung on your social networks. Something like the missing piece of the puzzle between digital and analog. It has a casual, lightweight design, and will not waste your phone’s battery because it has its own one.


This case that will transform your smartphone into an authentic instant camera supports iOS and Android platforms. Just like the new iPhone and Samsung mainly. Just download the App to start making and printing your photos at the moment.

It does not have ink to print so all you need are the papers that are worth $ 5 every 10. You can order directly from the App and send them home or order from the web. The project is very recent but has been very well received, in fact, its launch on Kickstarter , the Crowdfunding website, has far exceeded its goal of $ 50,000 since they have collected a whopping one million and a half dollars and will begin to distribute The device coming soon this 2015 for about 90 Euros to the change.

We can not deny that taking a picture with your mobile and being able to print it at the moment, write something in it and give it to that special person to keep it, has its charm. What do you think, do you love?

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