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Oppo’s New Camera Tech Can 5X Zoom Without Loss in Quality

Oppo integrates a 5X optical zoom without increasing the size of the mobile # MWC17
New Oppo technology, inspired by submarine periscopes, allows for a 5x optical zoom in mobile

Oppo’s New Camera Tech Can 5X Zoom Without Loss in Quality

Is this the beginning of mobile cameras with optical zoom? Oppo believes it has found a way to finally insert a series of lenses capable of zooming without losing quality with a new technology presented at the Mobile World Congress.


According to Oppo, its new technology is capable of adding a 5x optical zoom without needing to make the area much bigger, which during the last few years we have seen as it usually stands out a few millimeters. The problem? They have only introduced the technology, which they want to license, but no mobile that they are going to launch soon.

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Many people want better cameras in their mobiles, passing through an optical zoom that allows to extend the capture without losing quality. Companies like Apple have managed to do a two-way optical zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The Oppo trick has been fairly simple to look at, but complex to execute. They have put the series of lenses that is necessary to increase the image of horizontal form, pointing to one side and not of front. It helps a prism to redirect the light to the front. You can see in the image above, prototype they have shown in the Mobile and where it is next to the main camera, a space with a mirror.

According to the company, they have been inspired by the periscopes of submarines, which use a series of lenses and prisms to reflect the image. Of course, Oppo has not taken long to patent this technology to prevent other manufacturers from being based on their idea.

They have not commented when it will be present in a mobile, but you could expect a smartphone with dual camera and this zoom by the end of the year or in 2018, although they are late to have equipment that include an optical zoom, although limited.


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