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5 Most Curious Robots in History

When you think of robots , you usually do it in humanoid droids like the ones that appear in movies, however these machines, so useful in many cases, can have multiple shapes and sizes.

If we focus on human-looking robots, we have to go back to 1937, when Elektro was created , which is considered the first humanoid robot in history . In human-like ways, this machine was able to walk, speak (could say up to 700 words) and even distinguish red light from green light through its eyes.

Since then and until now, much has advanced technology and thanks to artificial intelligence , robots are able to learn and are increasingly similar to humans. However, throughout the history of robotics there are many examples that we can consider “curious” for their functions, shapes, sizes or capabilities. These are some examples:


Built by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , this quadruped android is capable of running and jumping like a race cheetah. In charge of the American Defense Agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) , its purpose is to be used on the battlefield during the wars, so its speed and ability to jump obstacles up to 40 cm high is one great advantage.


It is a small sports robot that has managed to conclude the Le Mans 24-hour test with just a couple of AA batteries in 2010, has traveled the more than 500 kilometers separating the Japanese cities of Kyoto and Tokyo and has climbed The Colorado Canyon. As if all this were not enough, his latest feat has been to complete the tough Ironman triathlon test in Hawaii. Armed with three AA rechargeable batteries of the Panasonic brand and three different housings adapted to each of the tests of the circuit (swimming, walking and cycling), the tiny robot has achieved a new record in its none worthy list of feats.


This robot has an almost real human aspect . Able to learn thanks to artificial intelligence and to mimic a multitude of gestures due to its silicon skin and complicated facial architecture, was conceived by the American company Hanson Robotics and had a presentation that we could call “unfriendly” because, before The question of whether it was among her plans to end humanity, Sofia said yes. This is something that sounds to us to multiple stories of science fiction, which can create certain reticencias before this droid. Despite this statement, which does not invite to make friends precisely, this humanoid with an aspect inspired by Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn is able to hold a conversation, recognize faces and as demonstrated,


Its name is due to the Japanese art of building objects through paper folded successively and this is so because this robot is able to shape itself by folds similar to those of a figure of origami. The robot is able to move, to save obstacles, to swim, to carry objects and to fulfill tasks after which, self-destructs by means of its degradation in a liquid environment. This makes him the first robot capable of completing a complete cycle of life , from birth to its demise. Although it may seem useless, it could have a wide range of medical applications such as doing laundromats, patching internal wounds, or applying medications to specific areas of the body that are difficult to access without surgery.


Of all the cited so far, this is possibly the most useful since it is the most advanced surgical system in the world . A machine capable of returning a fragment of skin from a grape to its place and sewing it with thread and suture needle without the slightest problem. This, applied to the human body, would imply being able to perform internal surgery interventions that require high precision in a minimally invasive way, which in the long term results in less scarring for the patient, less blood loss and shorter hospitalization since Recovery would be shorter. All advantages.

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