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how to make 3D Selfies

The possibility of performing selfies with 3D effect will be the next novelty in the cameras of mobile devices. The improvements in the traditional sensors will be an advance that will allow the frontal cameras have a higher angle and three-dimensional sensor.



The revolution of the cameras will bring an improvement in the field of photography . The main novelty will be a front camera that allows to realize selfies in 3D mode thanks to the combination of the depth effect and the images in 2D.

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The aim of the inclusion of this effect lies in the desire of the manufacturers to give the user a better experience in games and applications , since they will be able to include their face and to realize autofotos in spaces of augmented reality, among other characteristics. This will increase the size of the traditional camera sensor and include an infrared projector and a receiver.

Advances in graphics processors, cameras and displays will enable high-end smartphones to be able to include the augmented reality effect.

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IPhone 8 or iPhone X

One of the phones expected to include this functionality is the iPhone that will be released this year on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Apple’s mobile . The augmented reality camera that will incorporate the upcoming iPhone will be designed and developed by PrimeSense , the company that acquired the brand in 2013. In addition to including the 3D effect of photos , you will also have face recognition technology for the Unlock phones

ZTE Blade V8

One of the innovations that brought us the Mobile World Congress 2017 was the new ZTE Blade V8 and its Lite version. Both incorporate two cameras to take photos with the Bokeh effect, which allows to create images with selective blur and in 3D. Its 13 and 2 megapixel cameras allow you to record videos in HD.


If you want to make your photos enjoy movement, the Parallax effect , also known as the Ken Burns effect, will give visual power to your images. From a flat image you can get depth of field and movement without having to use 3D glasses. The only thing that you will have to do is to take two photos or more with different point of view making a slight movement. The combination creates the effect with which the sensation of movement is generated.

This app is available to Android and iOS users . With it you can make selfies with movement effect . Phogy is responsible for making the number of photos needed to create the 3D effect . In addition, it has different filters to edit the images and the option to share your photos on your social networks.

Fyuse will give you the necessary guidelines to move your mobile from side to side to get an initial and a normal photo until you get the image you want to save. Once you get it, you can share it on your social networks from the app itself.

It’s available in the Google Play Store and the App Store .
3D Camera

This app, available only to Android users , allows you to create 3D effect images . You only have to take an initial photo and a main photo to capture the depth of the image, with the option to also use the zoom for more movement. It also has filters and effects layers to enhance the effect of the image.

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