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Instagram tips for giving us a photographer with more than two million followers

Success in Instagram is a science. Luckily, with advice from someone two million followers it is much easier.


Photographer Chris Burkard (with more than two million followers on Instagram) has released one by one of his videos the tricks he uses and recommends to achieve a profile of attractive, creative Instagram and, above all, original. A dream that many social network users have in their head and they pursue day after day.

1. Less selfies and more creativity. Many Instagram profiles are monotonous due to the large number of selfies who publish their users. Chris Burkard recommends, first, leave this dynamic and go to something more creative and original: photographing what our eyes see.

2. Use the application and give hyperlapse speed videos. The timelapses are one of the most striking and original content that we publish in Instagram. If we have a situation likely to become a timelapse not waste it.

3. Take videos in slow-motion to differentiate. As with the timelapses, videos in slow-motion are nothing common, but they do give a different and original touch your Instagram profile. Take advantage of them.

4. Keep consistent theme styles. Even if your concerns are many, maintaining a consistency in the themes and style of your pictures will help you attract more followers and specifically only interested in those topics. This is very useful to use relatively similar filters with each other.

5. Commitment VSCO and Snapseed instead of Instagram integrated editor. Both VSCO as Snapseed allow bring photos beyond what we can imagine. Moreover, in some cases it allows you to edit pictures in RAW mode, opening a new world of possibilities.

6. Focus on history. Take a good photograph is extraordinary. Take a good photograph associated with a compelling story is a breaker combo. Therefore, squeezes the content of the photograph and the title of it.

7. Add location to your photos. As confirmed by the photographer himself, this results in 79% more engagement.

8. Do not use hashtags absurd, only relevant and necessary. SPAM entails unnecessary and, if they are not relevant, no return in traffic or engagement. Less is more.

9. Investigate accounts of interest and interact with them through likes and comments. So you increase the chances that come into your profile, follow you and start interacting with your photos.

10. Leave the follow-back and tags for likes. It’s bad image to your profile and the return is minimal or even negative. It is an unnecessary practice whenever good content is published.

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