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Top 20 futuristic ideas that are already a reality

While science fiction writers are looking for new ideas to surprise us and scientists how to put them into practice, some of the ‘inventions of the future’ are already a reality.

1.  The power of the mind . Jan Scheuermann a woman paralyzed from the neck to toe due to spinocerebellar degeneration, participated in a test  prosthesis  in which he managed to deal with the mind eating a robot arm, shaking hands or moving small objects.

2.  Military Robot . In the United States they created the  Pet-Proto , a humanoid robot that can overcome obstacles.

3. Photo of the DNA . Enzo di Fabrizio, a principal investigator at the University of Genoa (Italy), was able to take the first   direct photographs of DNA strands through an electron microscope.

Photo of the DNA

4. Invisibility technology . A Canadian company that manufactures camouflage materials developed a fabric that refracts light in such a way that objects or people it covers become  invisible .

5. ‘Hacking’ the brain . A group of researchers from the universities of Oxford, Geneva and California developed a brain-computer interface that allows hacking the human brain and extracting information from it.

6. Injection of life . Scientists at the Pittsburgh Institute of Regenerative Medicine managed to prolong the lives of mice, whose normal life expectancy is 21 days, up to 71 days. Extrapolated to the human being, it would mean that we could live 200 years instead of 80.

7. H immersion virtual immersion . Computer giant Microsoft patented Holodeck, a 360-degree peripheral projection system that will surround the user so that it is fully integrated into the virtual environment.

8.  Eye implants that allow the blind to see . Two blind men in the United Kingdom who underwent eye implants recovered their vision within weeks.

9. Printer of houses in 3D . The D-Shape, created by Enrico Dini, is able to ‘print’ a two-story building, complete with rooms, stairs, pipes and partitions, using only sand and a special glue.

10. Cars  without a Google driver.

11. First genetically modified monkeys . A group of US scientists Successfully combined cells from up to six different embryos to give rise to three   Rhesus monkeys .

12. Spray leather . The company Avita Medical created Re-Cell, a device that allows, using the skin itself, it regenerates and heals faster in case of wounds or burns.

13.   Artificial leaves .

Artificial leaves

14.  Higgs Boson

Higgs Boson

15.  Planet  of diamonds.

Planet of diamonds

16.  First private spaceship . Private company SpaceX successfully launched its first rocket, called  Dragon , which will bring supplies to the International Space Station.

17. Robotic Exoskeleton . NASA introduced the  X1 , a robotic exoskeleton created for astronauts to be able to exercise in weightless conditions, and that will also help people with limb problems regain some of the mobility.

18.  Ultraflexible glass . Corning introduced Willow Glass, a type of flexible glass made with 100 micron technology, for LCD and OLED screens and with a reduced weight and thickness.

19. Voyager 1 .

The first human-made object that leaves our star system.

And getting closer …

20. Travel at the speed of  light . 

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