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How to create and share Spotify playlist on Facebook Messenger

Facebook and Spotify, precisely the two applications that more data and battery consume in iOS and Android , continue to progress in the integration of their services. We no longer refer only to the possibility of being identified in the music platform with the credentials of Facebook, but that at this point you can create and share playlist of Spotify in Facebook Messenger .


Earlier this year, Spotify introduced a new Facebook Messenger bot that allows users to share music clips with their friends. Today, the company is expanding the functionality of this bot to now allow a group of friends to create a playlist together through Facebook Messenger , even if not all members of the group have an account in Spotify.

How to share Spotify playlist on Facebook Messenger

The function, simply called Group Playlists for Messenger, is quite simple to use and allows, in addition to creating, sharing Spotify playlist in Facebook Messenger . To access it open the messaging application and click on the blue icon at the bottom of the screen that allows access to Facebook Messenger extensions . Once inside you simply have to choose the extension of Spotify, as the following captures show.


From there, the person who creates the playlist – who must be a current Spotify user – must click on the new “Create” button at the bottom of the screen, give a title to the playlist And send it to the group chat session. The thumbnail preview shared with the group will display the name of the playlist and will provide a button with which the rest of your friends can add songs to the Spotify playlist from Facebook Messenger .

From now on, anyone inside the chat can add their songs to the playlist. Of course, in order to play it you will need to have an account on the streaming music platform . And is that not all users can enjoy it, as those not registered in the service can only preview the playlist of Spotify in Facebook Messenger.  To listen, you will have to register and download the Spotify application.

Meanwhile, existing users who have not yet connected their accounts from Spotify to Facebook will be able to do so from the Spotify extension, and thus begin to create and share their group playlist.

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