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How to upload 360º PHOTOS on FACEBOOK

If you have tired of uploading normal photos to your social networks today we have a trick with which you will undoubtedly leave your friends in awe. Do not get off the screen and we’ll teach you how to take 360 degree photos with Facebook .


A 360 ° photo allows you to see all the dimensions of the image: from above, from below, from left to right and behind you. That is, from all possible angles . When you make it in this format you are the main protagonist in the center of photography.

You do not need a specific software to take pictures 360th from this network, but if you want to get some, Facebook recommends, for example, the Samsung Gear 360 , the LG 360 Cam or the Ricoh Theta S . But quiet, with your mobile phone you can take 360 degree photos without problems and what is better, without spending money on one of these cameras.

On Apple devices you have to take a panoramic photo with any device, from the iPhone 4S and you can upload it directly to Facebook.

With the Samsung terminals you have to repeat the process and take a panoramic picture with the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 3 and its later versions in “Wraparound” or “Widescreen” mode.

If you want to be the smartest in the class, you can choose to use the Google Street View app ( Android | iOS ) to make real 360-degree spherical photos and then post them to Facebook.

You can upload a 360 ° photo in the same way you upload any other photo . Once the panoramic picture is taken, to change the initial view of an image to this other format, you only have to select that image that will have a kind of balloon in the lower right corner – it can vary depending on the smartphone. Once you’ve done it you just have to publish it.

Although you should keep in mind that if you take a panorama that is greater than 100 degrees, it may automatically become a 360 ° photo. Of course, keep in mind that you can not upload more than one panoramic photo with the 360º format at the same time.

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