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With the arrival of each new update of the Android operating system we are interested in the news that will bring to all devices, but we are always in doubt whether our smartphone will receive the update or not. Therefore, if you do not have a Google Nexus Pixel or you should be very attentive to this post on how to upgrade to Android 8.0 or Android O .

If you are a fan of this operating system you will know that Google gives the name of a candy to each of its updates: Jelly Bean -gelatina-, KitKat, Lollipop -Piru-Leta-, Marshmallow -Malva-Visco- and Nougat -turrón-, which Has been the most recent. The names of most anticipated goodies are those of “Oreo” and “Oatmeal”, although in the last version of the Beta released reference was made to an octopus “Octopus”, reason why it would not be farfalle to imagine an invention on the part of the Of Mountain View. So let’s give you a hand so you can upgrade your device to Android O.


The main drawback that Android has is that it is the most popular operating system with around 80% of the market share and that makes a wide variety of mobile, from the low entry range with some features and very affordable prices passing By the mid-range to reach the top of every brand with the best specifications, such as better processors, more RAM and more storage capacity.

The Google phones -Pixel and Nexus- are the first to receive the update, while those of LG, Motorola, Spanish BQ or China OnePlus are usually those who receive it in the second instance. Later, the rest of the brands will receive it and all of them should optimize the new version so that it can work in each of its terminals. And then, every telephone company must reach an agreement to provide it to the users. So the process is not simple.

In case you have not received the latest version via OTA (Over the Air) you will need to have the latest firmware version available. If you decide to install it on your own it is best that you make a backup of your device. Updating Android on your own has the risk of unintentionally deleting your data if you do not do it properly. And since we are “flashing” the phone, unlocking the “bootloader” or boot loader is very risky. Therefore, you will want to make sure you have your things safe.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to back up your smartphone with the Android OS. Go to “Settings” and then you should have the option “Save and Restart” or “Backup & Reset”. If you have a computer on hand, an easy way to do this is to move your backup over the DCIM folder in a simple drag and drop or copy and paste move. However, you can also back up your photos and videos through apps like Google Photos.

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