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How to set Password on External Hard Drive

Nowadays, our security in the network is being greatly altered due to the continuous cyber attacks that have occurred lately. Hackers increasingly have more sophisticated methods to alter systems. Therefore, it is very important to use passwords in any device or online account. Especially in those we use very often and in which we store personal and private files, such as a USB. So, let’s show you how to protect your external hard drive with a few simple steps.

  1. Before putting the USB into the computer, we go to the Start button (lower left corner of the desktop) and look for Control Panel . Once here, go to System and Security > Bitlocker Encryption . If we do not find this program, something unusual, we can download it on its website .


  1. When we have already installed it, we proceed to insert the external hard disk in the computer and access again to the button Start > This Equipment . In this folder you will find all the storage units of the computer and, therefore, our USB.
  1. Right click on the hard drive you want to protect and choose the option Activate Bitlocker to start the process. You will now have two options to unlock the device. We chose the first one, Use a password to unlock the unit , and click Next .


  1. Then you will get a window asking for a recovery password in case you forget. Once introduced, you will have to choose between two encryption options, one that protects only the space used and another that protects the entire hard disk.


  1. After choosing one of them (we recommend the second) a new window will appear to choose the encryption mode . The first option is for hard drives that are inside your computer and the other is the one you will have to select if you want your USB can be used on other computers.
  1. Finally, a window will appear with all the options you have chosen, to check that everything is correct and if you agree, press Start encrypted .

And now, we would have finished protecting our external hard drive, which nobody can access without our permission. We hope these simple steps have been of great help.

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