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How to set different ringtone for each contact in Whatsapp

Yes, we all want to escape from time to time to read the messages of Whatsapp groups and the dreaded double thick blue without response. On the other hand, sometimes we are waiting for an important message and we do not want others to distract us. So, today we are going to tell you how to assign different tones to each Whatsapp contact, so you can decide who you want to answer.


First you must know that you can carry out this process with both individual and group conversations. This way you will have personalized and well differentiated all your chats.

To start: open Whatsapp and the chat to which you want to assign a different tone. Click on the name of the conversation and its menu of options will open. At this point, you have to scroll through the menu until you reach the section of Custom Notifications, tick it and you will see different actions regarding notifications and warnings. This is where you can choose the notification tone for this contact or group.


Enter the Notification Tone section and then open an audio gallery where you can choose the one you want for that contact. You can repeat this process as many times as you need until you assign a different notification tone to each Whatsapp contact or group.
This Whatsapp feature allows you to recognize the importance and provenance of the messages by just listening to the ringing of the announcement, even if you have your phone in silent mode, it will not do you much good.

If you want to combat the message bombing of Whatsapp groups , you have another option to get rid of your notifications as well as identify them with a different tone: mute them. This process is very simple, go to the list of chats and enter the group you want to mute, click on the icon of the three points you will find at the top. Display the menu and press Silence, once here you can choose the time period, either eight hours, a week or a year, and you can also select if you want notifications for this group to be displayed.

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