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How to Record Slow Motion Videos with mobile

If any of you have had some good Kings and you have dropped some new iPhone, a GoPro or some camera, Enjoy your videos! Because there is no discussion that slow motion for videos has become very popular today.
The videos with slow-motion shots are spectacular especially in sports videos since it really allows us to see in detail everything that the eye normally can not capture because of the speed of movements. The logic behind slow motion, for those who do not know very well its operation, is that the camera you use is capable of capturing more than 30 frames per second, which is what we are used to. The more frames you can capture, the more slowly we can achieve by converting the frames back to 30, thus achieving a very smooth super slow motion impression.

With any of the GoPro you can choose between video settings to record at 60 or 120 FPS (From now on frames per second) to achieve the slow motion effect. Then you can edit the videos with the GoPro App, and create spectacular montages. Check out our post on the new action cameras where all the info is on. For sports and action videos the results that can be drawn are incredible. Be a Pro!

Since the launch of the iPhone 5S, and then the 6 and 6 plus the Apple have included the possibility of recording at 120 and even 240 FPS (with 6) from the camera of the iPhone itself. In addition, you can select in a very simple way the exact moment of the clip where you want it to be seen in slow or super slow motion if you have taken it at 240FPS. The result and quality are exceptional and even more so considering it is the camera of a mobile phone. You can also edit the video directly from the iPhone with the iMovie App that comes pre-installed when buying the terminal in a fast and intuitive. If you do not have one of the latest Apple models you can also do something similar to the SlowCam App even if the result is not the same.
If you have an Android you can also record in slow motion with some Apps that are on Google Play that allow you to simulate the effect. Probably in the future other brands besides Apple integrate the system into their devices since the results are great.
Some compact cameras also have the option to record ¨low motion¨ like the Nikon Coolpix AW 110. In addition, this camera is shock-resistant and submersible in water, being a most interesting option for the more adventurous. The quality of both photo and video is very good and is the most versatile on the market.

As for the editing programs if you want to mount a clip in the purest GoPro style we recommendFinal Cut Pro X or Adobe after effects. If you find something complex there are many tutorials online. If you have some video you want to share send it to us and get on the slow motion car!

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