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how to read Capacitor Color coding bands

We have seen that some types of capacitors carry their printed encoded data with color bands. This form of coding is very similar to that used in resistances, in this case knowing that the value is expressed in picadors (pF).Color bands are as shown in this figure:

  •  In the capacitor on the left we see the following:green-blue-orange = 56000 pF = 56 nF (remember that “56000” is expressed in pF). The black color indicates a tolerance of 20%, as we shall see
    in the table below and red indicates a maximum voltage of 250V.
  • On the right we see:yellow-violet-red = 4700 pF = 4.7 nF. In this type does not usually appear  information about the voltage or tolerance.

Color Coding Capacitors


Coding by letters

This is another registration system the value of the capacitors on your body. In Instead of painting color bands it is also used to writing different by letters printed codes.Sometimes the letter “K” after the letters printed on the capacitors; in this case is not translated “kilo”, ie ceramic 1000 but it means if it is in
a condenser tube or disc.If the component is a capacitor dielectric plastic (cuboid),”K” means tolerance of 10% of the value of the capacity, while “M” It corresponds to tolerance of 20% and “J” tolerance of 5%.

capistoe lettersBehind these letters include the voltage and before them the value of the capacity figures indicated. To express this value can resort to placement a point between the numbers (with zero), referring in this case to the unit microfarad (uF) or the use of the prefix “n” (nanofarad = 1000 pF).

Example: A capacitor marked with 0.047 J 630 has a value of 47000 pF = 47 nF,tolerance of 5% on the value and maximum voltage of 630 v. I also knowI could have scored in the following ways: 4,7n J 630, J 630 or 4N7.

Coding “101” Capacitors
Finally, we will mention the code 101 used in ceramic capacitors as an alternative to color code. According to this system 3 digits are printed,two of them are significant and the last one indicates the number of zeros be added to the preceding. The result should always be expressed in pF pF.Thus, it means 560 pF 561, 564 560 000 pF means nF = 560, and in the example of figure right, 403 means 40000 pF = 40 nF.

Examples of Identification Capacitors

And in this new time we will test the concepts explained previously. We will present a series of capacitors chosen at random drawer to see if you are able to identify your data correctly, ok?



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