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How to open an Office document on your iPhone



  1.  Install the ‘Office 2 Plus’ application.

    In order to open and work with Office documents on your iPhone you have to install the ‘Office 2 Plus ‘ application on the ‘smartphone’. There are two versions: the free and the payment. The only difference is that with the first you will not be able to save the changes in the documents.

  2.  Save the documents to the iPhone.

    In order to open an Office document on iPhone before you have to save it to your phone. To do this go to iTunes and click the ‘applications’ button at the top of the program. Then click on the ‘Office 2 Plus’ icon. A folder will open in the center of the screen where you will have to drag the files you want to work with.

  3. Open the documents, from the iPhone.

    When you connect the iPhone to your computer these documents will be transferred to the phone. To access them, open ‘Office 2 Plus’. You will see a list with all the ones you have stored. Just click on them to open them.


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