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How to make perfect Selfie

All media are echoing new technologies, how to use them, how they will help our health and the organization of our lives. The wearable are on everyone’s lips, but what people really like are the selfies.

Specifically, Spaniards are the ones who have the most ‘addiction’ of all Europe to this tendency to take a photo of themselves, at least so has revealed a study by the instant messaging company Line. But we are not the only ones. These photos are made all over the planet and overwhelm all social networks. And now that summer comes, the boom will be even bigger.

If you are one of those who take pictures of himself, it is best to do it well. For this we bring you gadgets with which you will be the best in this of the summer selfies. And by the way, before reminding you that we talked earlier about the best apps to become selfish , so between this post and the other, surely you do perfect selfies! Aim!


1. The first thing is that the image does not come out moved , and the pulse does not usually help in this task. For that you can use stabilizers, like Luvs, that serve both your Smartphone and a GoPro.

2. A little easier, and cheap, but with the same utility is Cellfy Wrap , a kind of belt where you place your Smartphone and buckle it wherever you want: another person, a tree, a street lamp …

3. The more you get away from the less giant camera your face will look. But there are arms that do not give more, which is why they are invented remote controls like Patuoxun .

4. But if you want a good remote control , without cables , and that also allows you to get portrayed with the landscape behind you, what you need is the Muku Shutter Remote

5. If you did not know what it was like to take photos until you discovered the selfie, you have to become a true self-camera. Samsung NX Mini has a screen that moves up to 180 degrees so you can watch while you shoot the photo.

The selfies are very fashionable, long before Ellen DeGeneres made one at the Oscars. And big companies know what they like and do not want to miss one. If you do not tell Google, you have already warned that with your camera you can do selfies and control them remotely thanks to your smartwatch. And yes, we are talking about the wereables again.

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