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How to Make a Smartphone Projector at home

Are you tired of watching movies on a screen too small and would you like to set up your own home cinema at home? It’s easy now if you know how. Learn in a few simple steps how to make your own home projector for lap top, mobile or tablet. It’s incredibly easy and the best of everything: IT WORKS !!! And do not miss many other curiosities and mademoiselles to do at home.

How to Make a Home Projector for Mobile, Tablet or Lap Top:


To make a home projector you will need:

A cardboard box ( Shoe box)
Black paint (can be for brush or spray)
A pen
A cutter
Two loupes
Black insulation tape
Super Glue
How to Make a Home Projector Step by Step;

Reuse a shoe box and paint it completely black – since black absorbs light completely.
Place the mobile phone on one end of the case, centered and erect. If necessary, make a stand with pieces of Lego, for example.
Draw the outline of the magnifying glasses and cut the perfect circle with a cutter.
Join the two lenses with insulation tape.
Now fix the magnifiers to your room – as centered as possible – with duct tape so the light does not escape.
Once closed, you must move it away from the wall on which you are going to project until the image is clear.
Once this happens you can enjoy your movie.

Tips for Making a Home Projector:

The box must be large enough to fit the electronic device.
When passing through the lens of the magnifying glass, the image is turned, that is, it will be projected face down. So you have to place the phone upside down. And remember, you first have to deactivate the autonomic rotation of the screen.
The light output of the projector will not be very high, so you should put the brightness of the mobile as high as possible, project on a white surface and turn off all the lights.
And voila, here is a very simple way to make the home projector you wanted and share the videos with many more people.

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