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How to Make a LED Flasher Circuit Using 555 Timer on a Breadboard

Basic 555 Flashing LED Timer (1/2 step) and Video

Step 1: Design

If you have never used a breadboard before it can be a bit confusing. I’ll start by explaining the electrical connections in a protoboard.

pcb bord

Led flashing circuit diagram

ic on pcb

circuit LED

circuit LED

This particular plate has 3 sections, two of which are the same.
Breadboards are perfect for prototyping and its not uncommon to house projects permanently.
The left and right sections of this board are composed of two vertical columns that are electrically connected. Place a component at the top near the red stripe and place another component at the bottom near the red stripe and you will have electrical connectivity. The same is true for the row closest to the blue stripe.

The center section of bread can be considered the main section. The numbered rows consist of 5 holes that are electrically connected. Columns with letters are not electrically connected. So for row # 5 holes A, B, C, D and E are electrically connected. The same for row # 5 holes F, G, H, I and J. The distance between each set of columns is perfectly adapted to several ICs. Most importantly, our 555 IC Timer.

After examining the schematic he began to place the components in the protoboard. It can help start with the 555 IC timer as it is the most crucial part of this project.

You will notice that you can not make some connections by using the protoboard alone. For example, I used the side pieces for my positive and negative connections. I had connected it with bridge cables.

Basic 555 Flashing LED Timer (2/2 step)

Step 2: Experiencing!


You will notice the large brown capacitor that I used for this circuit. This was chosen randomly as the ones that produce a nice constant flash on the LED. I encourage you to change components to different valued components and observe the results.
Different capacitors accelerated or slowed down, LED flicker.
Different resistors will also have other effects for this circuit.

Lets Learn with a Video

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