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How to incress views Checklist for SEO on YouTube

As we will tell you in future articles, we are very involved in SEO positioning of YouTube videos . This has made us do a lot of testing, read lots of articles and draw conclusions about how we can position a video on YouTube. As I will tell you in the post, positioning a video in this social network is somewhat less complicated than in Google, although you have to know a number of techniques and traffic flow that I will tell you.

YouTube is strategically important for any brand but it is also important for anyone who wants to make money with this social network. A social network that has taken more and more protagonism and today is fighting with Google for being one of the most used search engines in the network, there is nothing! Not to mention that many video results come out in Google’s own search engine for certain searches .

With all this you only have to read the article calmly and start doing SEO on YouTube .


Checklist for SEO on YouTube

I’m not very supportive of checklists, in fact I get bored more and I do not usually read the posts that start with this, but in this case the workflow to position on YouTubedoes involve making a series of points, so I have Consider making this list, which will also be easier to follow than if you had created several explanatory paragraphs.

  • Name of the video. The name of the video, as with the images, must carry the keyword. If we are going to position a video about “free hosting”, the video should be called “”.
  • Title of the video. The title should also include the keyword that we are going to position. The more at the beginning of the title is much better.
  • Description. Be careful with the description because many people forget about it. The description must be complete (the more the better) and the keyword must appear on several occasions. The sooner this keyword appears the better, and if we can create descriptions of 400-500 words as very bad has to be the video so we do not position it. One trick I took from Emilio de Campamentoweb in his Team Platino class is to translate texts from Portuguese to Spanish and paste them. Especially for test videos or niches where we only want to make money and not make a mark, this can help us save time and money in hiring editors. It seems that Google Translate works better from Portuguese to Spanish and that is why we have not taken English. In addition, the algorithm of YouTube does not detect it as duplicate content and therefore is a content that once adapted by the possible failures can give us that definitive push.
  • Labels. Tags are still useful for positioning on YouTube. We have to try to cover all the options that we have in the video with labels and not stay in the generic ones or in a few. If they are related it is always good to put them. Not only to be well positioned in search results, but also to get the most out of related videos (YouTube sidebar).
  • CTR. CTR (the number of people who watch your video when it searches for a related term) is very important for the YouTube algorithm. There are several ways to improve CTR:
    • Hiring micro-work in webs dedicated to this
    • Writing to friends to find us and watch our videos
    • Add smiley or attention-grabbing expressions like “Never seen,” “the best,” etc.
    • Custom thumbnail. Having a personalized thumbnail that catches your eye can greatly increase the CTR of the web.
  • Get visits the first day. This is something that worked before a lot more (the famous 301 of YouTube), but now its effectiveness has been reduced. However, I still work (not to the levels before), because the videos I have injected about 1,000 – 2,000 visits the first two days have been better positioned. Of course these visits have to be high retention and be able to be from the country where you want to position. For this we can use qqtube , addmefast or if we have many friends as well we can.
  • Interaction with the video. “I like” or comments to the video also help tell YouTube that a video is good and should be on top. Again you can use the websites mentioned above, although the key is that the video is of such good quality that this is generated alone. A trick something black is to create 5-10 channels with our Google profile and go giving like or commenting on our videos.
  • Get links. Last but not least you need to get links for the video and thus definitely position at the top. With all of the above our video will go top safe in the first two days. Now, it could be lower if the video does not have a good percentage of finished videos or if we do not get links. As the first thing does not depend on us, let’s go for the links. The linkbuilding on YouTube can be more dirty than Google, but without going over. We can embed and link our video in blogs 2.0, buy an economic review in foro20 or forobeta and spread our video in social networks.

And with this sure that your video is positioned in the top positions because according to my experience these SEO techniques on YouTube are very effective. If you have some more trick or you have any doubt, you can leave it in the comments.

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