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How to improve the speed of Windows 10 without upgrading your hardware

We give several tips to make your Windows 10 go faster by simply changing some specific system settings.


If you suffer from a slow Windows and have the budget to buy a SSD or add a couple of extra gigabytes of RAM, your problem is easily solved in a bit when upgrading your PC hardware. However, this is not an option for many people, so the following is play around with some system settings to make better use of resources to other accounts.

In the case of Windows 10 are several things that can go off to make us better in a somewhat modest team. If you saw forced to upgrade to the new system of Microsoft, or you did it because you wanted to try something new and end up with a less rapid system you wish, you may have to do with some features of Windows 10 that fulfill more aesthetic functions otherwise and that disabling can relieve some of the stress on your machine.

Farewell to the visual effects

Open the Windows Control Panel > select System and Security > then select System, and click on the right pane in the Advanced System Configuration section. Now, in the new you appeared window select the Advanced tab and the first item that says Performance press the Settings button.

In the new window, select the Visual Effects tab and although you can enable and disable effects individually, I recommend that you disable all, you can do so by checking the box that says Adjust for best performance. You feel that your computer works much faster, but look a little less beautiful without animations and ornaments.

Goodbye Cortana

Get rid of Microsoft’s personal assistant can also help a bit with system performance, plus if you do not like that Cortana has access to such personal information, will prefer to disable it completely. To do this click in the search box on the taskbar and then click the button shaped nut clockwise and off Cortana.

You can also disable the device search history and search online. In fact, you can get rid completely of the search panel by right clicking on the taskbar, then “look, and then select” hidden “”.

Goodbye slow internet

Windows 10 has a rather annoying features that turns your computer into a server update, so that is constantly using your connection to send content to other computers with Windows 10. This can slow down your internet speed and make a very unhappy person without that you realize.

To disable it, open the configuration panel (press the Windows key + I), select Update and Advanced Security> Windows Update> Options> Choose the way you want updates are delivered and disable the “Updates more than one place.

Goodbye startup programs

The latter is a fairly simple “trick” and know that many people still do not apply but which is ideal to prevent Windows takes a long time to start is to disable all programs that open automatically when you turn on the computer. To do this open the Task Manager (right click on the Windows Start button and select the option from the dropdown menu), click More details, and select the Home tab.

a list of all programs that start automatically with Windows is displayed in this window, if enabled or not, and the level of impact on the system. My recommendation: deactivates all, nothing that appears there is crucial to the operation of your computer, unless you know you want an application to always start with Windows, say goodbye. Your next reboot will be significantly faster.

Goodbye junk files

Something that causes your computer running slow usually the number of files you have on your hard drive, if it is almost to bursting, the browser will always take longer to open folders or searching. Attempting to back up in another medium which need not be there, and deletes unnecessary things. Remember to empty your recycle bin occasionally, some people have occupied more space there than in your documents folder. Windows also has its own tool called Disk Cleanup, simply press the start button and type those words until the result appears. You can use it to release a few megabytes.

Personally I prefer a third-party tool like CCleaner to get rid of all those junk data downloads every time browsing the Internet, from cookies to cached thumbnails of your most visited sites.

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