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First Mobile without Battery has Arrived

One of the parts of the mobile that gives more problems is the battery. As we use our phone more, it loses autonomy. We panic when we see the low battery symbol. Therefore, we buy external batteries and go with the charger everywhere so we do not hang around without being able to use our smartphone.

The desire of many is to be able to get rid of loading their mobiles and using them without limits. Fortunately, a team of researchers from the University of Washington has created the first prototype phone that does not need battery . Aesthetically it looks more like a plaque than a cell phone. It only has a touch keyboard in which you receive and make calls, without any screen.


without battery mobile
without battery mobile


To speak, the phone uses microphone vibrations to translate speech patterns into reflected signals. Instead, to listen it converts the radio signals into sound tremors that collects the speaker. The device has a button that has two positions: listening and transmission .

The Battery Free Phone works thanks to a solar cell that collects ambient light and radio signals from a specific base station, with which it has reached to communicate more than 15 meters away.


The creators have proven that their device works perfectly how they could see in a call they made by Skype . Its goal is to implement it in the market and eliminate dependence on the base station. Although there is still some time left for this type of batteries to be marketed, it is certainly good news to know of its existence.

It is still too early to say, but perhaps the time has come for the batteries to say goodbye to cell phones.

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