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How to erase you Personal data from the internet?

You may have dumped too much information about yourself on the Internet, but you can easily remove it from the network, so today we will see how to delete your personal data from the Internet.

Easy steps to remove your information/data from Internet


Before you get down to business, find your name on Google and find out what results it shows about you. First you must decide which of them you are interested in and which are not. For example, it will be beneficial if your Linked-in account appears in the top spots, especially if you are looking for work, it will also be interesting if you have written an article in a blog appear in the top positions.

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In addition, Google on your support page explains what content you can remove about you directly from the search results, usually important information such as your bank details.


This is perhaps one of the simplest steps of giving and also of the first. If you want to “disappear” from the Internet you must delete your accounts in social networks . Lately a lot of this measure is used, since there are very many companies that when they receive a curriculum decide to consult the social networks of the candidate. To prevent the general public or companies from accessing your information and photographs, you can delete your profiles.

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In the different social networks you will find in the configuration panel an option to completely delete the account. If you want to stay calm, once you do, you can write to the platform administrators to record that you want your data to be completely deleted.


It is possible that, especially some years ago, you were registered in a forum. The opinions you wrote in them are still present in the network and, if you used your nickname in your own name, it is very possible that your messages can be easily found only by typing the name in any search engine. If you no longer agree with the opinions you left in those forums or you just do not want them to appear, you can delete your user and thus should be enough so that those messages are not displayed again. If you can not remember the password to enter your account and, therefore, you can not delete it, you must write to the administration team of the forum so they delete it for you.


The same thing happens if you have written a blog post with your name that you no longer want to appear on the network, in this case you should also write to the blog administrator to delete it, although it can be difficult because maybe the person wearing it The blog does not want to give up the visits that your post takes to your website.


Although it is not information about yourself that appears in search engines, sometimes it is very annoying that you get newsletters that you did not even know you had subscribed. To not receive more, you will see that at the bottom of each of these emails is an option to unsubscribe from the newsletter , in this way, the company in charge can delete your email address from your database.


The only solution to the problem of having many data published on the Internet is not to erase all the information , there are more alternatives. You can prevent and be careful when setting up your profiles on social networks and selecting the most “strict” privacy options . You can also choose to let only your friends see your posts and photographs, in the case of Facebook and Instagram, as well as your tweets in the case of Twitter and also you can avoid the option of adding your phone number to the profile. This way, only your trusted contacts will access information about you and not all users in general.

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