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How to delete temporary files from Windows 10

More than a year ago that Windows 10, the most recent version of this operating system, came into our lives. After being solved the first problems that arose in the beginning, users are already more than accustomed to Windows 10. So today, we are going to tell you a trick to save space by deleting temporary files in Windows 10 :


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First of all, you should know what are the temporary files of the computer , well, are those that the operating system itself creates to be able to carry out a task or action at a specific time and that once finished, does not reuse. These files are not usually large, but the truth is that if we accumulate can keep a large part of the storage of the hard drive, so it is advisable to delete them periodically. To remove temporary files in Windows 10 , you must access the tool to free space by following the steps: Start / All applications / Windows administrative tools . In this point, Click on Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup

Once the analysis is finished, this program will show you all the files that you can undo without this affecting the correct operation of the computer. This list will appear as a window and next to each item you can check the box to permanently remove them. Those temporary files that you can eliminate , thus gaining space, are: Downloaded program files, Internet temporary files, error memory dump files, Windows Error Reporting files, Recycle Bin, Temporary files, Thumbnails. Once you have selected all the files in the list that you want to delete, at the bottom of the window will appear the total number of MB of space that you are going to release, Press OK to proceed to the deletion of these files. Once the process is finished, you will observe how everything continues to work perfectly and at the same time you have more space.

But in addition to the types of files we have already mentioned, there is another category oftemporary Windows documents that you can erase, saving several GBs of space on your computer. These temporary files we are talking about are those that allow you to restore a previous version of Windows 10 on your computer and will appear in the space-release list with these names: Previous Windows Installations and Temporary Windows Installation Files . To erase them, just mark your box and press OK, that’s easy! Of course, once you delete them there will be no reverse and you will have to use only Windows 10.

Disk cleanup

2nd Method;

There is also another very simple option to delete temporary files in Windows 10 in one click . Go to Configuration / System / Storage once here, select the section This Computer, again you will see a window that shows the distribution of the files of your computer and how much they occupy. Click Delete Temporary Files and you’ll say goodbye to all of them in a few seconds. Once your computer is free of Windows 10 temporary files , surf at maximum speed from your PC! Hire one of our Fiber or ADSL offers . For more information, enter our website or call us toll free at 900 696 301, we will be happy to assist you!

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