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How to use your Smartphone camera for making Your Videos

Do you have a good story in your head but you lack the means to make it into a short film? Think about the possibilities offered by the camera on your smartphone . If you have a good idea, a script, the right locations and friends who are willing to help you as actors … get to work.

The only thing you need from the technological point of view is a smartphone equipped with a good camera. And to record (yes, always in horizontal position, to avoid having to edit those black stripes lateral that leave if it is recorded vertically).

It does not take many tips: connect the airplane mode so you do not skip any calls in the middle of the recording, always keep the battery to the maximum (not a bad idea to carry an auxiliary charge source) and make sure you have enough memory to Store the shots you are recording in HD quality.

From there, it depends on the degree of professionalism you want to give your short film. You may need to purchase a tripod to avoid blurring. You have a good offer in the market in the environment of 15-20 euros, so it will not be a big payout. If you want to capture a good sound, you have it difficult with the microphone of the mobile, so it is advisable to purchase an external microphone to connect to the headphone output of the smartphone. You have options like the SmartLav flap microphone from the manufacturer Rode or this one from Belkin, LiveAction Mic , that improves the quality of the sound that records the microphone of the iPhone. Finally, if you want to expand the possibilities of recording, you can have some new lens to dock with your smartphone,

That yes, a good editing job is critical to getting a quality short. There are plenty of options, such as Movie Maker (for Windows) or iMovie if you work with Macs. You can choose between mobile applications and tablets (like the mobile version of iMovie) or download a tool that allows you to work comfortably from your computer.

Do not just share your brand new short with friends and acquaintances on social networks. There are more than a dozen festivals for smartphones and tablets. Among the most internationally recognized is Cinephone. Although the genre of short films recorded with mobile devices was born in the United States, in this festival based in Barcelona approximately 15% of the shorts presented to contest are Spanish. In fact, there are Spaniards who have gained international recognition. This is the case of Conrad Mess, who has 25 awards with his four short films, including the one awarded by the renowned San Diego festival, where he won an award for his short The Fixer.

So you know: if you have talent for this movie, do not think you have no means … because you can start with your smartphone.

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