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How to Create a Lemon Battery

If you like to experience things for yourself do not miss this example of how to make an electric battery using something as common as a lemon.


The materials needed to create this home battery are: a lemon, four clips, a piece of cable, two nails, a tray, a knife, two 5 cents coins and a digital clock.


First, cut the lemon in half with the knife and rest the two parts on the tray. Then you have to make two cuts in each half one to insert the coin and another to insert the screw. After making cuts, coins and screws are inserted. Then connect the screw of half a lemon with the coin of the other half lemon. Finally, the electric circuit is closed by connecting the negative of the watch with the screw and the positive with the coin.

Note: The More you lemon use the more current produce.

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