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What is Alternating current (AC)? Definition and Explain of AC

Complete Definition and Explain of AC

AC is the abbreviation of Alternating Current in sort AC. An electric current or voltage in which the flow of electric charge periodically reverses direction is called Alternating current (AC).AC current movie in both direction positive to negative or negative to positive means electric charge or electrons moves in both side.In AC wavelength it makes full wavelength in oscilloscope that show positive to negative wave witch is shown in flowing image.

 alternating-current wave

Sources of Alternative Current:

Alternative current is produced by sources such as :

  • AC Generator
  • Transformers
  • UPS

Note: Our Home electricity is also Alternative (AC).and our all home appliance are all run on AC current


In Alternative Current do’not use rectification.It is easy to convert AC Current into Direct current (DC) by using one or more diode but it is hard to convert DC to AC to do that we use inverter like UPS that convert DC to AC current.

AC Voltage measurement:

The question that how to measure Alternative current (voltage).you have a Multimeter that measure voltage in AC wire.

 Above Video show that how to measure Alternative Current with a Multimeter.with multimeter it is easy to measure voltage.

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