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How to check how many battery cycles is your Apple iphone

The battery is one of the most important elements of the smartphone and its useful life is marked by the charge cycles. Despite the indications provided by the manufacturers, the actual autonomy of the mobile in operation or the loading and unloading times do not usually coincide. But what do we really know about the performance of our battery ?


Lithium-ion batteries, which are the most common, work by charging cycles. It is considered that these cycles have ended when 100% of the capacity of the battery is spent.

Imagine this situation: you leave home after charging the battery of your mobile to the full. At night, after having consumed 75% of the battery, reload your device. Well, as soon as you consume 25% you will have completed a full load cycle, since the expense is the computation between the two refills.

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The capacity of the batteries decreases after a certain amount of recharges, between 300 and 500, approximately, depending on the mobile model. Because of this, the battery usually only retains 80% of its capacity or has degraded significantly.


If your phone uses the Android operating system , it is important to note that it does not integrate its own mechanism to account for the load cycles . Therefore, the best option is to install a Google Play application and control the information about your battery. A good example is Battery Spy . This application generates a log of the loading and unloading cycles, as well as parameters such as temperature.
In the case of iOS mobiles, iBackupBot gives us the information about the battery including the charging cycles. To do this, you only have to install the application on your Windows or Mac PC, connect your device using the cable dock or lightning and access the section More Information .
The load cycle number displayed by the different applications may vary depending on conditions such as temperature, usage of the mobile while charging, or the housing or housing of the terminal.

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