Friday , February 23 2018
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What is CGNAT and why is it used?

CGNAT stands for Carrier-grade NAT, a technique used to extend the life of IP addresses. Do you know why this practice is performed? We explain what CGNAT is and if it affects your internet connection . Keep reading!   WHAT IS CGNAT? The Internet connects millions of computers daily, but the number of addresses available for …

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First Mobile without Battery has Arrived

without battery mobile

One of the parts of the mobile that gives more problems is the battery. As we use our phone more, it loses autonomy. We panic when we see the low battery symbol. Therefore, we buy external batteries and go with the charger everywhere so we do not hang around without being able to …

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5 Most Curious Robots in History


When you think of robots , you usually do it in humanoid droids like the ones that appear in movies, however these machines, so useful in many cases, can have multiple shapes and sizes. If we focus on human-looking robots, we have to go back to 1937, when Elektro was …

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C type USB features

c type usb

The USB Type C is a universal connector that allows us to do several activities at the same time as loading devices, pass data and transfer videos in a much faster way with a single cable.   WHAT IS USB TYPE C? It is a connector much more versatile and …

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