Friday , February 23 2018
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How to Make Dual Sim and MicroSD Card Work at the same time


One of the great novelties of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the inclusion of a new microSDc card slot to increase the storage available through this traditional tool. In this case it is not a microSD slot as such, but it is integrated inside the double SIM slot, where we can choose to carry two of these cards or a …

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7 Best Apps Like Snapchat 2017

Snapchat has become, in a very short time, one of the most famous social networks . Its peculiar ephemeral messaging system , where messages, photos and videos can be viewed for a certain time chosen by users, has had a resounding success among millenials . However, now it is not at its best. Many people are looking for alternatives to …

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With the arrival of each new update of the Android operating system we are interested in the news that will bring to all devices, but we are always in doubt whether our smartphone will receive the update or not. Therefore, if you do not have a Google Nexus Pixel or you should be very …

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First Mobile without Battery has Arrived

without battery mobile

One of the parts of the mobile that gives more problems is the battery. As we use our phone more, it loses autonomy. We panic when we see the low battery symbol. Therefore, we buy external batteries and go with the charger everywhere so we do not hang around without being able to …

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How to Restore an Iphone

All Apple products have delivered great performance throughout their generations, making the Cupertino brand a market benchmark. Part of the merit is due to your iOS operating system. We spend hours in front of our mobiles: we make thousands of photos, listen to hundreds of songs and even have become …

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