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How to set Password on External Hard Drive

external password

Nowadays, our security in the network is being greatly altered due to the continuous cyber attacks that have occurred lately. Hackers increasingly have more sophisticated methods to alter systems. Therefore, it is very important to use passwords in any device or online account. Especially in those we use very often and in which …

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Sunway TaihuLight, the world’s fastest computer

In Wuxi, a province of Jiangsu, China, we can find the Sunway TaihuLight, the fastest computer currently in the world . The time will come with another faster, but for now, maintains the record according to the ranking that makes Top 500 , with the supercomputers of the world. Jiangsu, a historic industrial city east of …

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The world’s most powerful supercomputer


The world’s most powerful supercomputer is already 100% Chinese China no longer needs foreign technology to climb to the top of the supercomputing podium. The fastest computer to date, the Tianhe-2, has just been surpassed by a new machine at the national supercomputing center in the Wuxi region, the Sunway TaihuLight. The …

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Video Card ( GPU ) Definition

A Video Card is an element of computers that decrypts and decodes the language that is produced inside the computer’s processor to convert it into symbols, images and representations that can be understood by the end user, in this way, the video card is The computerized device that processes the …

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What is the function of video card

The video card is an electronic device that regulates and determines how the images and text are displayed on the monitor of the computer. They are the ones that send signal to our monitor, television or projector. The quality of the video card in a computer influences especially when it …

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