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230V AC to 5V DC Converter Circuit Diagram

230V AC to 5V DC Converter Circuit diagram

 This articular is not relates with above circuit diagram.This is another circuit for understanding. Our source will not only feed our projects with microcontrollers. Putting a USB plug in the place of the output terminal, and taking care that the polarity is correct, we can use it as a “travel …

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Top Popular Integrated Circuits ( ICs )


Thousands and Billion Of different types of integrated circuits are available for electronic devices. Most of these were designed for very specific applications. However, many integrated circuits have been designed for general purpose use and therefore are widely used Variety of circuits. All these integrated circuits have been around for …

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What is the difference between AC & DC?

AC vs DC

There is only two types of electricity one is AC & other is DC.flow of electricity in two ways alternative current (AC) and in direct current (DC).Electricity or Current is nothing except flow (movement) of electrons in an conductor like a wire (iron,copper,silver,gold etc). In AC (alternative current) the flow of …

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