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How to Make Dual Sim and MicroSD Card Work at the same time

One of the great novelties of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the inclusion of a new microSDc card slot to increase the storage available through this traditional tool. In this case it is not a microSD slot as such, but it is integrated inside the double SIM slot, where we can choose to carry two of these cards or a SIM together with a microSD card. Below we tell you how to carry two SIM and microSD at the same time on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


The first thing we want is to warn you that everything that is shown in this tutorial must do so under your responsibility, and that a wrong execution of these steps could result in loss of warranty of the phone if the elements are not well inserted into the slots . After this warning that sounds much more serisa than the “simple” process to have these features in the Galaxy S7 , we will review how being a handy moderate ability, we can enjoy two SIM and microSD at the same time in the Samsung Galaxy S7 . The principle is very simple, it tries to attach one of the nanoSIM cards to a microSD card of physical form, so there are some risks that we must know before starting the operation.

Risks of the operation

  • You will not be able to use the nanoSIM again independently, you will need to request a duplicate from your operator if you want to use it
  • The microSD card will be attached to the nanoSIM forever

Necessary material:

  • A Nano SIM, is easier to cut
  • A lighter
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or strong adhesive
  • MicroSD card

From here carry the entire procedure out is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S7 , who understands the risks involved in this operation on the phone.

Check the correct orientation of the nanoSIM

In the following images you can check the orientation of the nanoSIM card in the slot of the microSD card to work correctly, the most important is to be clear the orientation of the card’s chio, which should remain as shown in the following images.

Remove the chip from the nanoSIM card

This is a crucial step, because we must extract the nanoSIM card from the chip, for which we need the lighter. We must heat the card on the opposite side to where the chip is placed for 30 seconds or 1 minute. After this process it will be much easier to extract just the nanoSIM chip .

Cut the chip from the nanoSIM card

You have to cut as shown in the image the nanoSIM chip so that it fits perfectly in the slot and on the microSD memory card , you must do it on each side of the chip and cutting the same portion on both edges, as it appears in the image.

Paste nanoSIM to the microSD card

As you can see in the picture, it is time to paste the nanoSIM to the microSD card. We must do it with the same orientation that we see in the image , for this we must take into account that the inclined corner of the card and the drawing of the chip are aligned as in the image.

Replacing the microSD card

As shown also in the image we have to place the microSD card with the nanoSIM attached in the slot , in the same way that we can see in the snapshot.

dual sim and sd card

Activate the cards

Now we just have to go to the Dual SIM Manager to verify that the two SIM and the microSD storage card are activated as it appears in the capture.

The worst thing that could happen to us in this process is that we break the nanoSIM and we have to ask a duplicate to the operator with the consequent cost.

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