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C type USB features

The USB Type C is a universal connector that allows us to do several activities at the same time as loading devices, pass data and transfer videos in a much faster way with a single cable.



It is a connector much more versatile and small than other types of USB. We should not confuse it with USB 3.1, since they are not the same, type C refers only to the shape of the connector and then we tell you its characteristics.

c type usb



It is very small, measures 8.2 mm x 2.6 mm in thickness, just slightly larger than a Micro USB, but rather smaller than the classic USB. The size of this connector is very important so that it can be used in different devices like tablets and mobiles.

Charge of energy

It is much faster, thanks to the USB 3.1, the USB connector type C transfers up to 20 volts, enough to be able to load almost all the devices we want. Thanks to this, we can load a computer through the USB port, chances are that because of this the chargers begin to disappear. Of course, in order to load and have these advantages, the USB type C port must be compatible with “USB Power Delivery” so check it before you buy it.

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Reversible and much faster

It does not matter if you connect it from the right or the reverse, works the same way. In addition, it can reach 10Gbps of transmission speed, which means that it reaches double that of USB 3.0. For example, you can stream a video in 4K, which is the new resolution of some TVs.

The USB Type C connector is not only compatible with the new USB cables that will come, but also with the previous versions.

It is multi-functional as it is compatible with technologies like DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA. It not only transmits energy, but can also pass data and videos. Some big companies like Apple already have an adapter to adapt the USB type C to HDMI, so it is not so strange to think that in the future will disappear the HDMI, although at the moment it is something complicated since the HDMI has more bandwidth .

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